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Dr Denis Stark


Dr Denis Stark is a Queensland medical graduate who trained as an ophthalmologist in Brisbane and Glasgow, Scotland. Subsequently for many years he was the Senior Ophthalmologist at the Mater Children’s Hospital and in private practice in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

His primary interest has been in children’s eyes but has also specialised in caring for adult patients with strabismus.

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He was the Chairman of the Royal Australian and New Zealand Paediatric Special Interest Group and an Associate Professor in the department of Child Health (UQ) for many years. As an integral part of the Marfan’s Clinic at Prince Charles Hospital, management of this hereditary condition has been of special interest.

He instigated and developed the Visual Electrophysiology Unit which services Queensland and northern New South Wales. This service investigates and diagnoses disorders of the retina and optic Nerve, receiving referrals from state-wide ophthalmologists and neurologists

The exciting prospect of joining a grouped Paediatric and Strabismic Ophthalmic Practice at VES has fired his enthusiasm and drawn him back to continue an active role caring for children’s eyes.

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