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Dr Juanita Pappalardo — A specialist with experience

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Dr Juanita Pappalardo

Dr Pappalardo is a general ophthalmologist with expertise obtained from training and experience in centres of excellence throughout Australia. She enjoys all aspects of ophthalmology, and spends particular time in getting to know her patients and assessing their needs thoroughly. She is available to accommodate urgent matters as well as meeting the needs of patients with routine ophthalmic concerns.

General ophthalmic treatments for adults

Dr Pappalardo provides comprehensive routine and urgent ophthalmic care for adults,
including for problems such as:

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A pterygium is an overgrowth of tissue from the white of the eye onto the clear cornea. It occurs due to a number of factors, with the most important being sunlight exposure during the early years of life. It is a common condition among young adults, especially in Queensland. A pterygium may remain stationary, or may continue to grow and extend further across the front of the eye. Such growth can cause redness, inflammation, discomfort and even disturbance to the quality of vision. In extreme circumstances, a pterygium may grow to cross the line of vision.

Some kinds words from past patients

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“Dr Juanita Pappalardo is such a caring doctor. Her expertise and professionalism is only surpassed by her amazing warm nature and outstanding results. My mother’s eye sight was all but gone, but now for the first time in years my mother can see 20/20. I will always recommend Dr Pappalardo to others and am so thankful for all she has given back to my mother”

Annie Caracci
Brisbane, Australia

Personalised care, exceptional results with Dr Juanita Pappalardo.

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